Fairfax Police Youth Club

At Home Activities

Soccer Starts at Home

Picture a player dribbling down the field, weaving in and out of opposing players, head up, eyes forward, smiling as they move with the grace throughout the field. Or a player receiving a pass under pressure and with a deft touch they open into space to play the next pass or create a shot on goal. These are moments that make the game of soccer beautiful and require a comfort with the ball that can only be learned by spending hours practicing skills at home. On the following pages are activities that can be done at home, as an individual or with a family member, to help player develop a deeper understanding of their relationship with the ball.

Ball Mastery Skills (videos linked below)

Passing Technique

Individual Passing Activities

Pass the ball together in the backyard (balloon or soft ball if you're inside) while having conversations. This introduces the ball into your daily routine and creates muscle memory in a relaxed setting.

Play soccer mini golf: Place different items around the backyard or (a safe space to play inside) and see how many passes it takes to get the ball to the target from different starting locations. Want a spicier challenge, use your other foot or try a different size ball.