Fairfax Police Youth Club

Weight Age




Everyone participating in the Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL) must have a valid VA DMV ID card in hand for weigh-in. No other form of ID is acceptable to FCYFL. This means FCYFL will not accept birth certificates, military IDs, passports or any form of ID other than a VA DMV ID.

For our returning players this is a gentle reminder to check the expiration date on your current ID. Older versions of the ID expire after 5 years. Due to security issues, the VA DMV will not issue an ID at the time of application. These IDs are mailed to your home and the process can take up to 2 weeks.

The only three forms of ID:

  1. DMV driver's license
  2. DMV driver's permit
  3. DMV child ID ("Walker" ID)

Players must have ONE of the IDs listed above to be eligible to play.

For our new players click on the DMV icon below to link to the VA DMV website that explains how to obtain a VA DMV ID.



October 1, 2019 is the "cut-off" date. October 1st, 2019 determines your player's FCYFL "football" age. Use your player's "football" age to determine your player's weight classification.

EXAMPLE: If your 8 year old player, has a birthday October 2, 2019, his FCYFL "football" age is 8 years old.


The weights listed below are the maximum weights permitted, by age, for each weight class.

3 Step Weight Class Chart

  1. Determine your player's "football" age as of October 1, 2019
  2. Move down the column to find the weight your player is closest to.
  3. Look across the row to determine the weight class

For example, if your "football" age 8 year old player, weighs 89 lbs., he would play anklebiters. If your "football" age 8 year old player weighs 94 lbs., he would play in the 80 lbs. weight class. Do Not Worry. This is not official or final. This important information provides parents, players and coaches a starting point to determine where a player might play. All players will be officially FCYFL weight certified in August.

"Click Here" For The FCYFL Weight Table