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House League Evaluations

House League Evaluations

Registration for 2017-2018 winter house league basketball is NOW OPEN. Take advantage of the early bird registration and get in before the fee increases October 31.  Anyone who is interested in coaching should register too.

House league evaluations will begin in early November. You MUST be registered to receive announcements and updates.

House Teams will be formed in late November and begin practice in December before the Christmas holidays. Regular season games will start in December or January and run every Saturday through mid-March, with one practice on a weeknight. If you have not received a call by December 1 for team placement, please call the League Director for your age group to check.

Some house leagues may be playing games on Sundays. If this is an issue for you, please check with the League Director for your age group to see if your league will be having Sunday games.

If you have questions regarding the House league, please contact Ryan Muniz at Ryan@affordablelawnsprinklers.com - 571-238-5260

House League Mandatory Player Evaluation Dates:

1/2 Grade Boys - Director Kevin Plummer kevin.plummer@gmail.com
Evaluations 11/8 Wednesday -Providence Elementary 6:00p-7:30P

1/2 Grade Girls - Director Lamine Reese lreese1313@gmail.com
Evaluations 11/15 Wednesday - Providence 6:00-7:30P

3/4 Grade Boys - Director Lowell Malesky lowell.malesky@gmail.com
Evaluations 11/14 Tuesday - Daniels Run Elementary 6:00-7:30P

3/4 Grade Girls - Director Patrick Kyle Patrickkyle15@yahoo.com 
Evaluations 11/16 Thursday - Providence Elementary 6:00p-7:30P

5/6 Grade Boys - Director Wayne German wlwoody@yahoo.com

 - Evaluations 11/14 Tuesday - Lanier MS 6:00-7:30P

5/6 Grade Girls - Director (Open) - Evaluations 11/14 Tuesday - Lanier MS 6:00-7:30P

7/8 Grade Boys - Director Larry Little Llittleus1@gmail.com
Evaluations 11/7 Tuesday - Lanier MS 6:00-7:30P

7/8 Grade Girls - Director Rich Wyant wyantr@gmail.com
Evaluations 11/8 Wednesday - Daniels Run Elementary 6:00-7:30P

JV 9/10 Grade Boys -Director Shawn Wyckoff Shawn.Wyckoff2136@Gmail.com
Evaluations all High School Boys 11/16 Thursday -  Lanier MS 7:30-9:00P

Varsity 11/12 Grade Boys- Ryan Muniz 
Evaluations all High School Boys 11/16 Thursday - Lanier MS 7:30-9:00P

High School Girls - Director Ryan Buchanan rpbuchanan@gmail.com
No evaluations needed