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Each athlete will need a shin guards, cleats or turf shoes (although not necessary, they are recommended) a mouthguard and a stick. Each athlete must have all equipment, including reversible jersey at every practice and game.
Burke Sporting Goods has a good selection of smaller sticks for elementary aged children. For middle school girls sticks can be purchased locally from Sports Authority or Dick’s.
To order packages of field hockey gear go online to Longstreth.com.

FPYC does not require goggles, but they may be worn if desired. Please go to Longstreth for a full complement of goggle selection.

Can’t figure out what size stick?


Stick Chart
Height of girl Size Stick
Under 4’2″ – 4’5″ 30″ or less if possible
4’5″ to 4’8″ 32″
4’9″ to 5’1″ 34″
5’1″ to 5’4″ 35″
5’5″ to 5’9″ 36″ to 37″
Over 5’9″: 37″ to 38″


Another good method is this:
Hold your stick upside down, with the head in the air. Insert the head in your arm pit, as if the stick was a crutch. A real crutch would reach the floor, while a proper size field hockey stick should end somewhere below the knee.

Links – (FPYC field hockey is not responsible for content)
US Field Hockey – The official site of US field hockey www.usfieldhockey.com/
Longstreth – all your equipment needs www.longstreth.com
Field Hockey Sticks – www.fieldhockey.net
Any questions, please contact Amber Beaudoin via e-mail at [email protected].