Board of Directors

Fairfax Police Youth Club
P.O. Box 537
Fairfax, VA. 22038

Name Position Phone # Email
Board of Directors
Mike Cosgrove President [email protected]
Tony Stephens 1st Vice President
Open Position 2nd Vice President
Becky McNaughton Treasurer [email protected]
Mike Duncan Fairfax City Police Representative
Tim Field/ Bill Fulton Fairfax County Police Representative
David Gogal Legal
Bob Macintosh At Large Member
Tom Scibilia At Large Member
Ken Johnson At Large Member
Dan Cuviello At Large Member
Mark Machen At Large Member
Gary Sidor At-Large Member
Mike McCarthy At-Large Member
Debi Honaker Administrator (non-voting member) [email protected]
Corporate Board of Directors
Quin Elson
John Keith
Rick Rappoport
Diane Tuininga
John Rusert
Sports Directors
Jacques Thomas Basketball [email protected]
Angel Santee Cheerleading [email protected]
Amber Beaudoin Field Hockey [email protected]
Darryl Grady Football [email protected]
Jimmy Kyte Lacrosse [email protected]
Frederic Bardot Rugby [email protected]
Geoff & Linda Hymans Running [email protected]
Tony DeFlumeri Soccer [email protected]
Anne Hoffman T-ball [email protected]
Coree Youngblood Volleyball [email protected]
Matt Buchanan Wrestling [email protected]
Bill Mundy Youth Challenged [email protected]